Why a Professional
Carpet Cleaner

From the first contact with Dullanview, we will analysis your needs, we will conduct a survey and then we’ll complete the job.  It really isn’t as easy as getting an off-the-shelf product and dabbing your stains.

What You Get

So what sort of places do we clean?

Floor covers are often varied, carpet tiles, laminate, tiled, and mainly hard wearing fibres.  Our patented systems allow us to deliver a 100% genuine deep clean with minimum time on site and longer lasting results.

Soils will range from sugary spills such as drinks to biological spills including food and bodily fluids.  Down-time for cleaning is not an option so we work in consultation with the management to get you back up and running for you next busy period.

Carpet suppliers, Car showrooms, Furniture stores and beyond – we can accommodate your needs

Shoe shops, Convenience Stores, Supermarkets, Clothes and fashion store.  

High traffic areas often in need of a some TLC, we will tailor a solution to meet your need and budget.  We proudly offer discounts to our Public Servants be they Police, Armed Forces, Fire & Rescue, NHS and Care-Homes.  

Be is your own little piece of heaven or a holiday home business – we have you covered to keep your holiday great.

Keeping everyone happy and providing you peace of mind – we’re there to help you get your property ship-shape.  We can also save you and your tenants expensive insurance claims.  We also offer an advanced Fibre Protector application to stop most stains becoming permanent

  • Car interiors get grubby very quickly – why not let us deep clean your upholstery and you’ll be back with that ‘New Car’ feel in no time.  Child seats are magnets for crumbs, stains and spills, take the hassle out of cleaning with our tailored approach.
  • HGVs will attract all sorts of dirt and grime to their interiors – if you have a sleeper cab it’s essential to keep it all clean and bug free.  With many vehicles being driven around the clocks its hard to get them in for a quick refresh- we can get you cleaned, dried and back on the road in minimal time.
  • Buses- be they mini-buses belong to your Club or larger coaches – the grime and dirt can be as wide and varied as the passengers – deep cleaning will not only prolong the life of your investment but will keep your professional image and reputation ahead of the competition.   Our fabric and upholstery protector will assist is keeping stains out when those awkward spills happen.