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Fallen Leaves Spread Bacteria

Autumn is here and fallen leaves spread bacteria that is picked up on your shoes and trodden into your carpets.

Fallen leaves contain a variety of small invertebrate animals and bacteria, such as: worms, snails, spiders, and microscopic spores of fungi and bacteria, which degenerate and rot into the soil in your gardens, keeping it healthy and replenishing nutrients ready for next years’ growth.

But this decomposing leaf litter will bring bacteria into your home when it is walked into the carpet from your outdoor shoes.

How to Protect Your Carpets

Dullanview Carpet Cleaning’s advice for this time of year is to vacuum daily and to change into indoor shoes / slippers the moment you get inside the front door. Have a piece of spare carpet inside the front door to protect your fitted carpets and once a year call us in to carry out our patented cleaning process which will remove all tiny spores of bacteria – including MRSA etc…

This will help to keep your family in good health all winter.

Call or get in touch for a professional and thorough deep carpet clean, surveys are carried out at no obligation to ensure you only get the cleans you need – saving you time, money and unnecessary household or business turbulence.


What is lurking in your leaves?

Why not see how many animals you have hiding in your leaves?

You may find slugs and snails, worms, millipedes and centipedes, spiders and beetles.

  • Back on your Carpets as we drive away
  • Leave carpets pollutant free and improve air quality
  • Remove all detergent residues ensuring carpets won’t re-soil quickly to reduce frequency of resoiling and re-cleaning
  • World’s most advanced equipment –  we don’t rely on polluting petrol or diesel engines, just clean electric
  • Less water, happier planet
  • Patented process guarantees no stretch, shrink nor split seams
  • Cleans possible while building is in use

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Gift cards can be used to pay / part pay for any of our Professional Cleaning Services

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The easy answer is – Hire a Professional such as Dullanview.

I’ve had questions asking if I hire out equipment – In short, sorry No I don’t.

There is good reason for this too, I have listed some points below:

  1.  The equipment professionals use is very different to that which you will purchase or hire from your local DIY stores and alike – what we use is powerful, we use specialist chemicals and solutions and use expertise to get you great results.
  2. Training is required to use professional carpet cleaning machines and chemicals – there really is a science involved – in the wrong hands things go wrong very quickly, often damage is irreversible and your health and safety can be at risk from splashes, burns vapours etc.
  3. If off-the-shelf products you can buy at the local store or supermarket are not a remedy for everything, in order to treat the various fibres correctly you will need knowledge and an ability to properly rinse and re-balance ph levels.  Most jobs we go to will involve a rinse before we even start to clean to ensure residues from previous attempts are removed.
  4. The suction on a hire machine is poor when compared against our high-powered professional machines.  Due to their power and potential we will never hire out our machines – in the wrong hands they are dangerous.
  5. Cost, Cost, Cost…  The headline figure for a hire machine is inviting, but your trip to the store will cost you in time and fuel, then you need to factor in solutions (the correct solutions for your carpets), then there is the remedial treatment needed in order to get you properly cleaned by a professional. 
  6. The hire machine may give you that seemingly instant clean, it may well smell fresh but this can be short-lived due to inadequate rinsing and drying – you’ll be back down to the store in a month or so to do it all over again.  The equipment and processes we use will mean a dry time of about 30 minutes!  essentail by the time we pack up and move out – your back on your clean carpets!
  7. Cost – yes cost again!  The main motivator to go down the DIY carpet cleaning route – my cautionary advice would be – get a free survey from Dullanview or a similar local professional company first and foremost, we will tell you what we are going to do and why,  – then if you don’t like the price or suggestion you have not lost anything.   
  8. At Dullanview we only use the best equipment, methods and solutions and we will never compromise on quality.

Contact us on info@dv-cleaning.co.uk and we can arrange an on-site survey and estimate.  

One of the best reasons for a survey is to establish a need to Clean and reduce costs where possible.  

  • Rest Assured that you will get utter honesty. 
  • No Unnecessary work will be carried out
  • The Survey is at No Obligation
  • You choose what you want – Absolutely No Up-selling of additional services

Advice gathered from the manufacturers of wool carpets and accredited carpet cleaners, recommend the the following action to spot clean wool carpets


  • Spills and stains must be attended to as soon as possible.
  • Absorb the spill using kitchen roll, tea towel, or a bath towel – depending on the amount spilled, by pushing gently into the wet area.
  • Use a BLOTTING technique and do not rub into the pile surface.
  • Work from the outside edge, into the middle to limit the area affected and prevent spread.
  • For congealed liquids that won’t soak into a tissue, such as vomit, oil, or soup – lift using a spoon and tip into a cup. Slide the spoon deep into the pile to lift out as much as you can.


  • NEVER – Rub or spray water onto the carpet as this can cause colour bleed or shrinkage this then leads to a permanent wrinkled area or pattern bleed.
  • NEVER use salt or white wine on the spill. Use a spot cleaner designed for WOOL and work in using a brush.
  • After use, brush the pile back into its right direction.


  • Lift up using a blunt knife or spoon.  
  • Do not rub it into the pile with a wet cloth and follow above instructions.


Should be removed by trained professional carpet cleaners and NOT by water spray and suction – this can cause serious colour runs and shrinkage, this is then permanent.

Call the Dullanview Carpet Cleaners to take a look and quote.

We are a family company based in Dufftown and are pleased to provide our services across Moray and the North of Scotland- we’re happy to arrange a visit to assess and quote. 

A common but often underestimated staining to your carpets, Pollen from the Lily is a formidable opponent.  

You will not want to bother this stuff too much, its like quick-sand – the more you struggle the deeper and more stuck it gets!

Try a bit of tape at first, then a very light vacuum.  

DO NOT RUB IT!!!! and try to carefully place the vacuum nozzle over the stain.

If that doesn’t work, call a Professional – forget about your off-the-shelf products (you know the ones, we’ve all tried them at one stage or another).

One way of avoiding the stains in the first place is to cut off the pollen-carrying part of the plant.

The stamen, or anthers, is where the pollen is made and carried and if removed, the stain-causing dust goes with it.

Be careful not to remove directly with your hands, as you can end up transferring the pollen.

I’m always here to help so just give me a call or email.

The Moray Trusted Trader scheme is a local business partnership scheme aimed at increasing consumer confidence, promoting good practice within local business, and helping protect citizens from doorstep crime.

Trading Standards Trusted Traders have been vetted by Moray Trading Standards and the scheme is supported by Police Scotland and consumeradvice.scot

All Trusted Traders have agreed to trade fairly and sign-up to a Code of Practice.
The Code covers:

  • transparent procedures for quoting and carrying out work
  • only charging a fair and reasonable price
  • dealing with complaints promptly

You can search for Trusted Traders on this website as well as view feedback and comments left by previous customers.

Help support the scheme by reviewing any Trusted Traders you have used.

It is becoming common to spray fabrics and carpets with sanitisers in an attempt to rid them of  bacteria and germs

Please be very careful that you understand what type of fibres you are dealing with – you can ruin a perfectly good sofa or carpet by applying moisture – 

  • Mould can also form when not extracted
  • Consider the mechanisms in recliners these will rust and may bleed into your carpets and fabrics 
  • Think about the powered recliners – you may get a shock!

Fact – Many natural fibres will release Tannin’s (a yellowish brown organic substance )  this can cause stains as drying occurs.

If in doubt consult with your local Professional upholstery and carpet cleaner 


Call or email today for a survey and quote

We  are pleased to provide our services across Moray and the North of Scotland- we’re happy to arrange a visit to assess and quote.

The local DIY store or Supermarket hire machines seem like a quick and Cheap alternative to using our Services.  Sadly I have been out to lots of disasters recently, the hire machines never rinse out properly and are leaving a horrible smell.  Often the damage is permanent as the backing of the carpets have been saturated and begun to disintegrate.  We offer Free, No Obligation Surveys to set your mind at rest – We will Never Recommend using a Hire machine – once the damage is done, its is almost always permanent.

In Short – Hire Machines are not adequate to complete the job – Couple this with Lack of Experience and Knowledge by the Hirer – you can see why its cheaper and better to get a fully insured Professional.

Opportunist rogues exist and will take advantage of people.  You should expect a survey, not just a price over the phone.  We treat each home with care and courtesy. 

Rest assured that we are fully insured and vetted by Police Scotland and Trading Standards.

Recently I was called to deal with a serious odour problem in a home which had been caused by an established professional with a high powered machine, but alas no real technical know-how.  Sadly all carpets in the home were ruined by this company who had turned the surface soils in the fibres to slurry (lazily they didn’t vacuum either!) then proceeded to flood the backing, underlay and floorboards.

The home owner was devastated, they removed all underlay and carpets and employed me to sanitise the sub-floor in preparation for a new carpet throughout, on this occasion a total disinfection and dry worked, but the cost and inconvenience caused was unnecessary. 

Please be careful who you let clean your carpet and furnishings – make them explain their systems, processes and drying times, this should all be included in their price.  

Once the water hits the underlay and sub-floor, it must be dried from the bottom up, Quickly! – not left to fester and mould for days.

I pride myself on delivering only a 1st class service to all.  It is simply not possible to complete a 100% genuine deep clean with an amateur set-up such as a Vax, Rug Dr, Bissel etc….  When I come to clean your property, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you will get a 100% safe deep clean. I clean efficiently but never cut corners to rush onto the next job.   Do not take the risk of having a ‘Splash-and-Dash’ company  / individual to your home or business, the end result is saturated and ruined flooring and furniture.  

keeping covid safe

Here to Help

We always deliver a genuine deep clean with disinfection, our machines are always cleaned and disinfected prior to their next use.

Filters, industrial disinfectants and of course good operating procedures mean we don't transfer from one job to another.

Cleaning the Fibres
not the backing

When a hire machine is used or an amateur is employed to clean it is common to see a soaked carpet, underlay and floor - in turn this leads to pungent smells and the ruin of the carpet and underlay (very costly).
Our solution is to use a patented Low Moisture process, we can also combine with our very-high powered wet extraction system - the results are fantastic.

Reputation is earned over years and lost in minutes….. 

We’re here to help when life just happens…